Our Mission


With the LeadershipNext Academy, we set out to offer a broader format for women who are on their way to the top level with the Academy. We, the Academy, teach practical leadership skills that you need for modern leadership. We prepare you specifically for the next step in your career and are by your side every step of the way.


The LeadershipNext Academy introduces itself

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What challenges will female managers face in the future and how can they overcome them? To answer these questions, we launched our LeadershipNext program, which is inspired and founded by our cooperation partner the Initiative Women into Leadership e.V. Together, we embark on a learning journey that enables aspiring women to advance their strengths and expertise in direct exchange with our faculty members and their peers to take the next step on their career ladder.

Why our LeadershipNext Academy?

Our claim

We, at the LeadershipNext Academy, are a team of experienced CEOs, board members and top managers from the fields of science, culture, society, medicine and business with the goal of enabling the sustainable advancement of women at the top level. We advocate for more women in leadership positions and accompany you on your way to the top. We stand for equality, diversity and inclusion and are passionate about these values. Become part of our community as a Fellow and join us on a learning journey of a special kind!

Our goal

We want to accompany you on your next career step so that you can achieve your goals. With our LeadershipNext Academy, we take highly motivated female managers & top talents on a learning journey, both digitally and on-site, in order to connect with CEOs, board members and top managers (1) to gain a deeper understanding of leadership competencies, (2) to bring about innovations and (3) to prepare specifically for the next career step.

A learning curve

You will have access to 6 in-class online modules and two face-to-face sessions in the extended network. In a 180-minute interactive session, a qualified faculty member will teach you a specific area of expertise. Afterwards, a case study is worked on in small groups. The results are then presented and discussed together. In addition, a face-to-face or digital meet-up with a faculty member of your choice is available so you can receive individualized support and address sensitive topics. For more information on your roadmap to success, please see our program overview. 

Improved leadership skills

Improve your cross-cultural communication skills and learn different leadership styles to adapt to an individual, team or company situation. Understand how to build high-performing teams and leverage and manage networks. At the same time, help you build an authentic leadership style: foster growth, manage crises, drive innovation, and make better decisions.

An exclusive network

Get more visibility at the top level by interacting with experienced leaders (Board & CEO). Participants will be connected to a global network of peers who share a passion for leadership, diversity and innovation. As a Fellow, you have the opportunity to become part of the IWiL community and gain access to exclusive events, unique networks and informative newsletters.