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Dr. Werner Grünewald

Dr. Werner Grünewald was Managing Director and CFO of DKV Mobility Services GmbH + Co. KG until the end of 2019 and has broad commercial knowledge. He has many years of managerial responsibility in medium-sized family companies and is confident in the implementation of market and financial issues such as M&A transactions, strategic controlling, risk management and compliance. In addition, Dr. Grünewald responsible for the sustainable design of transformation and change processes, strategy development and remuneration systems.

Werner Grünwald is an experienced, result-oriented, entrepreneurial and internationally oriented manager with strategic competence paired with pragmatic implementation know-how.

Visitor address


Albertusstr. 44a

41061 Mönchengladbach


Program manager

+49 160 947 89 359

Social Media & Project Lead

+49 177 167 9111



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