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Michael Methner

Michael Methner combines his demanding position as divisional manager at Santander Germany with a deep passion for integrative mindfulness training. He has been part of various management positions since 2012 and has been intensively involved with the facets of mindfulness, polyvagal theory, self-compassion, non-violent communication and IFS since 2017.

As a qualified trainer, Michael not only has a sound theoretical understanding, but also actively puts his knowledge into practice. His commitment to the integration of mindfulness practices in challenging everyday working life is particularly noteworthy. His focus is on managers in order to establish mindfulness as an essential component of leadership qualities.

What you will learn from Michael Methner:

In the rapidly changing world of work, psychological safety is crucial to a team's success. According to a Google study, it is the most important factor for team success. Amy Edmondson defines psychological safety as the individual's conviction to take interpersonal risks.

Learn how to take responsibility, show vulnerability, trust and take risks in a changing world of work. The module, based on the models of Daniel Goleman, Stephen Porges and Richard Schwarz, offers a day of intensive exploration of your personal and professional development.


Topics such as embodying your safe base, showing vulnerability as strength and giving the gift of trust will be in focus. Our Fellows will explore patterns and conditioning to understand why showing vulnerability is often avoided. Recognizing that vulnerability is a strength promotes psychological safety in the team.


Through the module, Fellows will learn to show their truthfulness instead of controlling and give their team the security they need. Encouraging creativity, taking responsible risks and removing the taboos around mistakes are the fruits that bear a secure foundation for personal and professional growth.

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Albertusstr. 44a

41061 Mönchengladbach


Program manager

+49 160 947 89 359

Social Media & Project Lead

+49 177 167 9111



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