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Andrea Kahlenberg

Andrea has been working in the field of systemic change and leadership; for more than 20 years. She is a trained business coach, business mediator and systemic consultant with a focus on team and organizational development. She is also trained in setting up companies and is a certified Scrum Master.

At the age of 27 she worked for Care International. Andrea managed humanitarian projects during the reconstruction of Kosovo and was responsible for 70 employees. She worked for Ford and Mazda before joining RWE in 2008. There she held management positions in the areas of business, HR and consulting for more than twelve years.

In 2020 she founded tridot consulting. Her focus is on sustainable transformation and cultural work. The integration of business strategy, personnel structures and decision-making processes in companies are the focus of her work. She advises on which conflicts need to be resolved in order to successfully and sustainably change the corporate culture - not just a job for her, but an affair of the heart.

What you will learn from Andrea Kahlenberg:

Todays world has become a challenge for everyone who likes to plan and control. Constant change forces companies to transform. These changes can be scary at first, but in the end they will be effective.

In an interactive session, you will explore with Andrea Kahlenberg how to lead complex change. How can you initiate a transformation? What are the non-negotiable points when initiating a transformation? Andrea Kahlenberg will provide you with a framework and principles to help you understand and structure the transformation process.

You will learn to deal with resistance inside and outside the company and to use micropolitics strategically to shape a transformation effectively. In smaller groups you will reflect on transformations you have participated in and share your experiences. Andrea will also share her experiences and share valuable insights that have helped her transform many businesses.

Get a glimpse of Andrea Kahlenbergs module.

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