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Dr. Natalie Daghles

Co-Founder | LeadershipNext Academy

Vice-Chairwoman | Initiative Women into Leadership e.V.

Lawyer + Partner | Noerr partnership company mbB

Dr. Natalie Daghles is M&A/Corporate Equity Partner at Noerr Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB. She advises companies, their governing bodies and private equity investors on M&A transactions and on corporate law issues. This includes both the structuring and implementation of private company acquisitions as well as advice on public takeovers. In addition, Natalie Daghles regularly advises on corporate, group and capital market law, in particular on corporate governance, compliance and liability issues.

Natalie Daghles is co-founder and board member of Initiative Women into Leadership eV. and is listed as one of the 100 HERoes Executive Role Models 2020.

Negotiation Skills

The exchange of ambitious and successful talents is an enrichment for everyone. Especially on the way to the top, in addition to professional performance, strategic positioning becomes important and the fellows internalize this awareness during their learning journey with us.

What do you think about Dr. Natalie Daghles will learn:

Negotiation skills are one of the key qualifications of successful executives - its not just about negotiating for your company, but also about negotiating your own advancement and salary.


Anyone who deals with the dynamics of negotiations and at the same time is aware of their impact as a female negotiator will successfully achieve their goal. We deal with negotiation techniques, non-verbal communication, intercultural competence and sovereignty in appearance.


From practice, Dr. Natalie Daghles has collected a wealth of examples, tips and tricks in more than 15 years of negotiating cross-border M&A transactions. In negotiation teams, the participants will actively test and perfect their personal negotiation skills in this session.

Argue strategically

and negotiaten

  • Skilfully planning concepts and strategies for negotiations.

  • Argue efficiently with a focus on mutual benefit.

  • Pursue win-win strategies even under difficult conditions.

Argue strategically

and negotiate 

Motivating solutions


  • Presenting points of view confidently without neglecting the interests of the other.

  • Inspire and convince with compelling arguments.

  • Use humor at the right time

Establish a good relationship with the negotiating partners

  • Finding interest in your opponents goals despite difficult conditions.

  • Recognizing and using the partners negotiation strategies.

  • Find common values and treat opponents as future partners.

Consolidating negotiation


  • Determined verbal and non-verbal demeanor.

  • Narrow down alternative solutions.

  • Secure success for the future.

Dealing with failures

  • Reconcile with your own defeats and learn from them.

  • Being confident in the face of setbacks.

  • Use development opportunities.

Negotiations in the border area

  • Lead unreasonable opponents to the 2-win solution.

  • Use power confidently, set limits skillfully.

  • Steer skillfully out of the dead end.

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41061 Mönchengladbach


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