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Julia Klotz

Julia has been working in the field of systemic change and leadership for more than 15 years. She started her career as a leadership developer for sales people in the media industry. At Accenture she was responsible for leading change project teams with up to 15 global consultants for clients such as Merck, Siemens, Bacardi Limited and the German government. Julia completed her tenure at Accenture as a Talent & Organization Performance Manager. As an organizational effectiveness consultant at Telefónica, Julia was part of the faculty team at the companys corporate university. She was also responsible for several company transformations as change lead.

Julias and Andrea Kahlenberg's Career paths, which is also a faculty member of the LNA, crossed when both were partners at RWE/innogy Consulting. In this role, she worked alongside the board and top management to drive a successful transformation from a former giant to an agile market player. After the takeover of innogy by E.ON, Julia was involved in the cultural integration of the two organizations and was part of the management team entrusted with the winding-up of innogy Consulting GmbH. In 2021, Julia switched to tridot consultingBased on her data-driven insights, Julia develops intervention strategies to support leadership teams, helping them to sustainably increase their performance and better transform their organization. She is married, lives in Munich and spends most of her free time with her four-year-old daughter.

What you will learn from Julia Klotz:

Every human being makes around 20,000 decisions a day. Many of these run unconsciously and are based on cognitive heurists. This leads to systematic distortions of perception, so-called biases such as stereotypes and prejudices, which classify our world into 'drawers'. This is the only way we can make quick decisions in view of the wealth of information. The disadvantage is obvious: (unconscious) prejudices lead to wrong decisions that have far-reaching effects in business life.


In this session, Julia Klotz will introduce you to these biases, which are relevant in the context of corporate decision-making and illustrate the effects they can have in everyday (business) life. You will experience interactively how you yourself are subject to biases.


The second part of the session is about understanding how to counteract biases and getting to know measures that help to overcome biases. Julia Klotz will give examples from her consulting practice of how such measures can be successfully anchored in everyday business.

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Albertusstr. 44a

41061 Mönchengladbach


Program manager

+49 160 947 89 359

Social Media & Project Lead

+49 177 167 9111



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