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Nicola Bramkamp

Artistic Director | save the world

Consultant for Social & Cultural Responsibility

Nicola Bramkamp is artistic director and founder of the SAVE THE WORLD initiative and curated, among other things, the cultural program of the world climate conference COP23 & 24 on behalf of the United Nations. In cooperation with scientific institutions, NGOs and international artists from all disciplines, she brings issues such as sustainability and climate change into the focus of a broad public.

From 2013 - 2018 she was deputy director of the Theater Bonn and with the initiative BURNING ISSUES - Performing Arts & Equality brought the issues of equal rights, professional balance and inclusion into the public focus.

For her commitment, she was nominated for the emotion award for women in leadership, among other things. She also advises companies such as ESCADA, Deutsche Telekom and others in the area of social & cultural purpose (gender equality, diversity & sustainability). Nicola Bramkamp teaches at the Mozarteum Salzburg, at the HFBK Hamburg and is a member of various juries and selection committees. She is married and mother of two children.

What you will learn from Nicola Bramkamp:

The business world is strongly male-dominated - what impact does that have on our impact and presence? We are often the only woman in a room full of men, how do we deal with this special position? Generations of successful women have copied mens appearance traits, from clothing to body language to tone of voice. But is that authentic and really effective? As a theater director for many years, Nicola Bramkamp is an expert when it comes to role work, impact and staging. She brings this experience from the theater world to work on presence and performance skills. But of course - unlike in the theater - its not about fakes and roles, but about authenticity. This is essential as a leadership skill: in the staging on social media, in stage performances as well as in employee discussions and in presentations.

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