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Sabine Hansen

Founder & CEO | She4Her Leadership Consulting

Founder & CEO | LeadershipNext Academy

Chairwoman | Initiative Women into Leadership e.V.

After almost 30 years working mainly in American companies in the technology and consulting industries, a trip to the US East Coast with German supervisory boards inspired Sabine Hansen to take the search and recruitment of top female executives into her own hands and She4Her Leadership Consultingto set up.

Focused exclusively on diverse management teams, Sabine Hansen aims to enable female managers to take the next career step and to help companies with tailor-made programs to make their own diverse talents visible.

The foundation she founded shows that this is possible Initiative Women into Leadership e.V., with which Hansen and three other successful female managers created a company offer for more women in top positions at the end of 2017. With the LeadershipNext Academy, Sabine Hansen is taking the next step and further expanding the promotion of female talent.

Personal Branding

The cooperation with the fellows on the LNA learning journey is extremely valuable and appreciative. In addition to the exchange of experiences and the mutual transfer of knowledge, a unique network of top female managers has emerged who support each other even after the end of the journey together. True to the motto: career to do, to promote does not just mean to promote.


What you will learn from Sabine Hansen:

Every manager can make a clearly defined brand out of himself. All you need is your own track record of performance and success and the knowledge of your 6 - 8 distinctive key competencies. In this workshop, you will work with Sabine Hansen on the example of 1 or 2 selected profiles from the group of participants and by means of a competence-based interview with the test persons, a success and strength profile, which you can then compare to work out the unique selling points (key competences) that apply to others


With the help of your key competencies, you will gain the right sponsors for your top career. On the basis of your key competencies, you will work on your executive profile and, with the right approach strategy, define the best ways to attract your sponsors inside and outside the company. Together with your peers, you discuss the best practice approach and set about the targeted networking

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Program manager

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