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Dr. Maike Albers-Malkus

Sustainable Organization & Management Advisor |

Board Member - Program & Communication Management | Initiative Women into Leadership e.V.

As one of the few female managers with many years of experience (+ 10 years) in the management of organizations, projects and core processes, Dr. Albers-Malkus is a valued sparring partner and member of the management team - she is involved in shaping the strategic framework for IKBs operational development.

She is the contact person for the Management Board and other important stakeholders in all matters relating to corporate development, marketing, communication, business development and transformation issues.

Miss Dr. Albers-Malkus impresses with her strong business acumen and her forward-looking attitude with a clear, practical approach. She can easily motivate the teams under her authority and personality and is characterized by the achievement of measurable results.

Stakeholder Management

Our Fellows will get important tips on stakeholder management and learn how to be a successful as a woman in the business world.

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What you will learn from Isabel Tufet:

Do you have difficulties getting your ideas accepted by your board of directors? Does your board take you seriously? Do your colleagues support you in your decisions? Having trouble with the unions?

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Negotiation and persuasion techniques

  • How to handle difficult conversations

  • How to be assertive and get what you want while staying true to yourself

  • How to use your soft skills and not mutate into an alpha male

What do you think about Dr. Maike Albers-Malkus will learn:

As part of her teaching activities, Dr. Maike Albers-Malkus on the topic of stakeholder management resp. Stakeholder Relation Management, as a core of the management task and the associated optimal design of strategic change. A bridge between theory and Dr. Albers-Malkus many years of professional management experience in this segment enclose the focus.

Stakeholder management per se is the overarching term for a company's alignment with its most important stakeholders. Identify, analyze and communicate - these are the three tasks in dealing with people and organizations. Even if at first glance it seems as if just communication is a continuous task, identification and analysis are often more than just snapshots.


The participants also receive tips and tricks on how to deal effectively with being the "only woman" in the room and get to know the different challenges and dynamics of the board of directors and the supervisory board. Finally, there are interactive question and answer sessions with practical examples from the participants.

Look forward to lively sessions with interesting and inspiring women!

Get a glimpse of Isabel Tufet & Dr. Maike Albers-Malkus.

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Albertusstr. 44a

41061 Mönchengladbach


Program manager

+49 160 947 89 359

Social Media & Project Lead

+49 177 167 9111



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