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Tine Snels

CEO | L'Advance BV

Board Members | Electrolux Professional

Tine Snels is an experienced executive specializing in helping women achieve their career dreams. She has been in business for 25 years and has held various management positions. She spent the first part of her career working in marketing and sales. The second part as general manager, managing director and COO in the food and agricultural industry as well as in capital goods companies. She has lived and worked in Belgium, Singapore, the Netherlands and Germany and has always had international and global responsibilities.

She climbed the career ladder to become the first woman to join the board of Royal FrieslandCampina and then became the first woman to join the board of leading MDAX-listed €5 billion German mechanical engineering company GEA Group.

Boardroom Insight
Across Borders

Sabine U. Dietrich and Tine Snels will talk about their personal experiences and share exciting insights on stakeholder management and self-marketing. In addition, the Fellows will learn important strategies for asserting themselves as a woman in the business world and how Sabine U. Dietrich and Tine Snels were the first and only women to become members of the Board.


What you will learn from Tine Snels:

In this session, attendees will hear some of the crucial strategies that got Tine Snels first to the C-suite of a Dutch multinational and then to the board of a MDAX company in Germany. Participants will receive tips and tricks on how to effectively deal with being the "only woman" in the room. The participants get to know the different challenges and dynamics of the board of directors and the supervisory board. Finally, there will be an interactive question and answer session on the topic of success on the board.

What you will learn from Sabine U. Dietrich:

This session provides insights into stakeholder management and self-marketing tactics that helped Sabine U. Dietrich to climb the corporate ladder of a global company from the "only female" engineer in production to the board and board level. Some of the tricks and tips are obvious, but if you use them strategically and in a structured manner, you can use this toolbox when the need arises. At the end, questions and answers rounded off the interactive session.

Get an insight into the module by Tine Snels & Sabine U. Dietrich.

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